Today we offer you a unique opportunity TO SEE the visitor behavior on your site - a "Map of trails" of your website. "Map of sites trails" is a graph of transitions between the pages of the site visitors. This is great tool for website specialists: web marketologs, web consultants, web masters.

The utility of maps of trails

1. Specialists can get the general view of the behavior of visitors on the existing site much more faster than using the other methods. It immediately becomes clear what thing specifically attracts visitors to the site, you understand the order in which they get the information and what they are looking for, on what pages do they make decisions to leave the site, in which ways do they reach the target page and what routes are cut off by half way.

2. Map of trails allows the practitioner to identify some problems with navigation or the content on the site, which is difficult to be detected by other means. 
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3. Map of trails allows you to estimate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, analyzing the quality of audience attracted by its behaviors on the site.
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4. Besides map of trails allows you present to non-specialists (such as top-managers of the company) information about the behavior of visitors in a form available to them to understand. And, thus, to increase his involvement in the processes of using and development of the site. Detailed "maps of trails" image is easier to be learnt when it is printed using the wide format printer, and is hung on the wall:

Similar behavior analysiss technologies based on the visualization of movements in order to optimize the space is used effectively in other areas, for example, in solving problems of urban design and optimization of the street network. In the picture below you see a "map of trails" of Trafalgar Square, London - real peoples ways (blue trails paths) are superimposed on athe architectural plan for the square.